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Beef Noodle Soup

Originated from mainland China and flourished in the island of Taiwan, beef noodle soup has become a world-renowned delicacy known for its remarkable taste. A traditional beef noodle soup embodies exceptional complex soup flavor, soft meat texture and tender noodles.

At RedBeef™, our exquisite craft and ingredients bring you a variety of finest beef noodle soups. We slow boil beef bones with exotic Chinese spices for more than 12 hours, creating a deeply flavorful soup that is complex and balanced in taste. Only precious beef shins are selected and prepared through a multi-step process – which involves high temperature wok cooking and low temperature braising – to ensure delicately soft texture in meat. And the skillfully prepared noodles are tender and chewy for a satisfying mouth feel. Finally, a lingering aftertaste of vegetable sweetness and creamy beef scent brings you a lasting sensual impression.

soft meat

Soft Meat

Only precious beef shins are selected and masterfully prepared.

complex soup

Complex Soup

Our soups are boiled for more than 12 hours with top ingredients.

tender noodles

Tender Noodles

Our noodles are of the highest quality and carefully prepared.